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Diet Therapy

Dietetics and Nutrition services

Diet therapy Canberra is founded by Mariame Iraki, accredited Practising dietitian providing clinical dietetics and nutrition consultancy in different locations in Canberra Airport, Belconnen, Conder, City, Fisher and O'Connor.

Diet therapy offers high professional services such as: individual nutrition and special diet counseling, resting metabolic measurement, body composition analysis, weight management program, nutrigenomix (DNA) testing and online consultation.

Mariame Iraki is committed to provide clinical dietetics consultancy with professionalism and compassion considering each patient's individual goals, culture, personal values, lifestyle and readiness for change. She truly believes that with tailored and evidence based guidance each individual is able to achieve his nutrition and health goals.

"Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping patients improve their health and quality of life"

Mariame Iraki